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Upgrade Your Leadership Potential

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Grow Executive Presence and Team Alignment

In today’s ultra-competitive tech industry, companies need leaders who rise and face challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise, no matter the current state of the economy.

Drop the self-doubt and imposter syndrome and step up to the challenge. 

Recode your professional mindset to cultivate a high-growth culture while driving performance, engagement, and accountability.

Learn The Skills You Need And Realize Your Full Leadership Potential

Tech executive and MG100 Coach Mahesh M. Thakur works with ambitious tech industry leaders at all levels. He understands the qualities that drive leadership behavior and how to create your leadership brand. Advance your leadership skills and guide your company’s success by working with an executive leadership coach.

Working with startup founders and executives at tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft, Mahesh has developed one-on-one programs that upgrade your leadership potential and transform you from team member to team leader.
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Acquire the skills and strategies needed to unlock your true potential by building your brand and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

Why You Should Work with Mahesh

Shirish Tatikonda
Director of AI

Shirish shares how Mahesh’s coaching helped him interview internally and get promoted to the Director of AI role at Target.com

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Tammy Newman
HR Leader

Tammy Newman Shares Her Success With Getting A New Job And Thriving In Her Career.

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Grow Executive Presence

Position yourself for your next leadership, executive, or C-suite role by identifying and achieving the skills you need.

Improve Team Dynamics

Harness the strength of your team while enhancing morale and cooperation by discovering the hidden dynamics that drive them.

Thought Partnership

Realize unique and thought-provoking perspectives by brainstorming new strategies and ideas.

Influence with Impact

Connect with your audience more effectively by tailoring your message in presentations and decks.

Advanced Coaching Packages

If you’re looking for more advanced leadership and executive coaching, check out Mahesh’s other coaching programs.
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Corporate Executive Coaching

Purge the limiting beliefs in your mindset and make bold industry-impacting decisions.


With over 25 years of engineering, product management, and leadership experience at Microsoft, Amazon, and other Fortune 500 companies, Mahesh knows exactly what it takes to get hired by the top tech giants.
As a former hiring manager, he understands the mindset of recruiters and what they look for in candidates. Mahesh has personally coached countless professionals to success, with many of his clients landing lucrative roles at companies like Google, Meta, Apple, NVDIA, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, ServiceNow, Intuit, and more.

With more than 20 years of experience at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel, Mahesh is a true tech industry insider. He knows what hiring managers are looking for but only works with a limited number of tech leaders and executives at a time. Enroll now to secure your spot and recode your professional mindset with Mahesh.

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