More than ever, this is the time to invest in developing your leadership skills. Great companies are hiring leadership talent and are promoting talent from within. Take advantage of coaching to enhance your impact on your teams, c-suite, and stakeholders

Are you struggling to establish and grow your leadership brand? Are you looking for strategic advice on leadership behaviors, product and tech vision, or business performance that could lead to game-changing impact at work? Mahesh has personally coached leaders from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, NVIDIA, PayPal, eBay, Intel, Citrix, Malware Bytes, and more. Mahesh works directly with the founders of startups and executives at billion-dollar corporations in Silicon Valley on areas including:     

  •  Building visibility in your industry and practicing skills that help enhance your executive presence
  • Identifying your blind spots through a proven assessment and comparing you to 200K executives.
  • Accelerate your progress at the leadership and C-Suite level by doubling down on your strengths.
  • Apply the personalized advice on LinkedIn and Resume to establish your leadership brand.
  • Dramatically improving your results by working with you on your goals, approach, and outcomes.
  • Making you data-driven while helping you think about the metrics, business, and outcomes.
  • Brainstorm ideas and discuss tough situations with someone who has experience with those.
  • Get inputs, interview practice, and coaching to transition to roles within and outside your company.


Technical Program Manager at Google


Mainak describes how he was successful in winning his dream job as a Technical Program Manager at Google

Director of AI at Target.com


Shirish Tatikonda of Target.com describes his experience working with Mahesh M.Thakur in his journey to get promoted as a a Director of AI #Target #Director #AI #Leadership #Promotion


Jean David Ruvini

Director of NLP, eBay

Mahesh has been an amazing coach and thought partner in my work and career. His insights and guidance have proven very valuable on an ongoing basis. Mahesh brings strategic and impactful perspectives into our discussions that have helped me evolve and grow my leadership skills and exceed my goals. I highly recommend working with him.

Gautam Kumar

Head of Analytics, eBay

Mahesh’s executive coaching has added tremendous value to my growth as a leader in the technology industry. He has been instrumental in my learning leadership and strategic skills necessary to unlock my true potential and also change my career trajectory towards the true north. If you are looking to grow and get advice from someone who has done it all Mahesh is the right executive coach for you.

Shikha Jain

Analytics Leader, Apple


Grow Executive Presence

Identify and work on the skills necessary to position yourself for the next C-Suite, VP, or Leadership Role

Improve Team Dynamics

Understand your teams dynamics and set your team up for success while enhancing their morale

Thought Partnership

Brainstorm strategies and ideas with your coach to get fresh out-of-the-box perspectives

Influence with Impact

Learn how to tailor your message in your presentations and decks for your audience

The Mahesh M. Thakur Advantage

Mahesh works directly with a limited number of executives, leaders, and professionals. Your coach is a leader from the tech industry who has been a hiring manager at Amazon, Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel.