What Do You Need to Reboot Your Career?

You have the skills, the education, and the experience. So why are you struggling to meet your professional goals? 

Many of us fail to achieve our dreams because our personal programming holds us back. It’s like bad code – limiting beliefs based on what we’ve learned or experienced – preventing us from realizing our potential and achieving more.

The solution is to recode your professional mindset.

Whether you suffer from imposter syndrome, feel unprepared for interviews, or simply lack the confidence to take the next step, you need to look at your personal programming and understand what’s holding you back. Then you can recode your mindset and upgrade your approach to achieve your professional goals. 

Mahesh M. Thakur is a tech industry executive and MG100 Coach, offering proven and pragmatic career guidance and leadership development that prepares you for new career opportunities. By recoding your professional mindset, your visibility improves, you gain clarity and focus, and your execution increases, leading to more confidence and better professional decision-making. 

Set yourself apart from the competition and realign your career with your untapped potential. Contact Mahesh and take the first step to recode your professional mindset with a free consultation.

Our Results

$100K - $400K

Salary Increase Our Mentees Reported


Highest compensation received by our alumni


Best Org NPS / Employee Satisfaction Score

Success Stories

Hyo Jung Song

VP of Mobile, Samsung

“The executive coaching from Mahesh led to a meaningful impact on my approach to my career and how I remain competitive in the tech industry at the exec level.”

Jean David Ruvini

AI Applied Research Leader, Meta

“Mahesh brings strategic and impactful perspectives into our discussions that have helped me evolve and grow my leadership skills and exceed my goals.”

Shikha Jain, PhD

Product Manager, Apple

“Mahesh provided me the much-needed professional guidance every step of the way – from planning to developing new skills and believing in myself.”

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Accelerate Career Growth and Achieve Results

It takes more than an impressive technology background to succeed in a Fortune 500 company or unicorn startup. No matter the economy – recession or expansion – you need the leadership skills that allow you to level up and be the difference-maker for your team, your department, and your company. Reboot your career with leadership and executive coaching developed specifically for leaders and executives in the tech industry.

  • Career Growth Coaching – Land your dream job by developing new skills and success strategies. (Learn More)
  • Leadership Success Coaching – Take command, build teams and face challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise. (Learn More)
  • Corporate Executive Coaching – Purge the limiting beliefs in your mindset and make bold industry-leading decisions. (Learn More)


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