Success Stories

Junjie Guan

Staff Engineer, AirBnB

“I received five amazing new job offers within months of working with him. Mahesh is technical and knows how to amplify the impact of technology on businesses and products. More importantly, I successfully implemented new and big ideas by being pushed out of my comfort zone. Mahesh is the go-to person if you want to seek career advancement. He is a former engineer and a tech leader who coaches from his experience."

Jean David Ruvini

AI Applied Research Leader, Meta

“I had not interviewed for years and I had no idea what it would take to join a large tech giant. Working with Mahesh helped me understand what exactly to focus on and transform my mindset. Mahesh brought out the best in me while guiding me every step of the way – from my career strategy to interviewing, and to getting my dream job. I highly recommend his coaching.”

Shikha Jain, PhD

Product Manager, Apple

“After 7 long years at Western Digital, I was ready to switch careers. Mahesh provided me the much needed professional guidance every step of the way – from planning to developing new skills, and to believe in myself. I could have never done it without his coaching. Thanks to Mahesh, I am now a part of a Fortune 5 company. We cannot achieve big goals by ourselves. We need the right advice at the right time from someone who has been through the journey themselves. Working with Mahesh has been life-changing for me.”


We Help You Nail Your Interview. Win Your Dream Job.

Accelerate: Receive high-quality advice that is personalized based on you and your goals. Receive powerful career guidance to identify the right companies and right jobs.

Learn: Master the techniques to interview at FAANG and large tech companies. Get coaching from Mahesh, who has worked at Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, and Intel.
Mahesh has coached hundreds of professionals to win their dream jobs and get promoted.

Brand: Build a powerful brand by getting specific inputs for your resume and LinkedIn. Make your profile work for you while attracting the right opportunities to your profile.

Network: Get advice on growing and nurturing your network for landing bigger and better roles. Network and connect with talented professionals who are also taking the course.

Practice: Practice mock interviews and get feedback both verbally and in writing.
Learn how to differentiate yourself and win at every round of the interview.

Profit: Get compensation advice to help you earn more and reach your full potential. Get advice on negotiating the right level of compensation – for every component.

Grow: Apply advice that is tailored for you and your career needs.
Save time by getting to your goals faster and more effectively.

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Accelerate Career Growth and Achieve Results

It takes more than an impressive technology background to succeed in a Fortune 500 company or unicorn startup. No matter the economy – recession or expansion – you need the skills that allow you to stand out and receive a great job offer in this competitive market. Reboot your career with coaching programs developed specifically for professionals in the technology industry. I coach engineers, product owners, program managers, operations, sales, marketing, and finance professionals and well as leaders.

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$1.7M USD

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$100K to $500K USD

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Understand the challenges holding you back and

recode your professional mindset.

By upgrading your approach and learning the skills, strategies, and techniques you need to succeed in your industry, you’ll gain the confidence you need to realize your full potential.