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Unlock Your Company’s Full Potential and Make an Impact on the Industry

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Open Your Company Up To New Possibilities

Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Elon Musk. What do these three iconic CEOs have in common? They changed the world as we know it by disrupting it with new ideas.
That’s the power of executive leadership.
So who’s leading your company? Do they play it safe, applying the same strategies and practices that provide a steady – but stagnant – revenue stream? Or do they take calculated risks to take your company to the next level and disrupt the industry with bold, new ideas?

No matter the current state of the economy – recession or expansion – you need a leadership team with the right mindset and skillset to meet your company’s goals, putting the customers first and attracting rock star talent.

Reassess your executive strategy and purge your leadership of the old-fashioned philosophies and limiting beliefs preventing your company from rising to the top of your industry. By discovering new strategies that improve your visibility, clarity, and focus, you open yourself up to new opportunities that give your company the potential to make an industry-changing impact.

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Establish Your Company’s Legacy
With a Bold Executive Mindset

As an MG100 Coach and Fortune 100 executive, Mahesh M. Thakur has helped hundreds of tech leaders find their full potential. His clients represent the biggest names in the industry: Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, PayPal, eBay, Intel, etc.
Mahesh uses the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Survey to assess your top executives’ current strengths and weaknesses. Analyzing the data collected from the assessment, he develops a personalized, one-on-one executive development program to give them the tools and support they need to recode their executive mindset and create strategies to further develop their leadership skills.

  • Learn practical strategies for personal growth, networking, and career acceleration.
  • Develop a personalized framework that finds solutions in complex situations.
  • Get personalized feedback on interview performances and enhance your storytelling for maximum impact.
  • Benchmark your executives’ skills against 200,000 top executives from around the world.
  • Identify and focus on unique leadership styles to build your executive brand and presence.

Ace Behavioral Interviews: Proven Strategies for Job Success

By utilizing these techniques, you open your company up to new possibilities, build your executives’ core leadership skillsets, and create strong bonds between your leaders, board of directors and C-Suite.

  • Grow your authority and expertise across multiple businesses, products, and customer-centric areas.
  • Improve your team morale and employee satisfaction scores by cultivating a culture of inclusivity and cooperation.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and change hindering behaviors that prevent you from impacting your business and stakeholders.

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With more than 20 years of experience at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel, Mahesh Thakur is a true tech industry insider. He knows what hiring managers are looking for but only works with a limited number of tech leaders and executives at a time. Contact Mahesh to discuss how you can recode your leadership team’s professional mindset.


Grow Executive Presence

Identify and work on the skills necessary to position yourself for the next C-Suite, VP, or Leadership Role


Improve Team Dynamics

Understand your teams dynamics and set your team up for success while enhancing their morale


Thought Partnership

Brainstorm strategies and ideas with your coach to get fresh out-of-the-box perspectives


Influence with Impact

Learn how to tailor your message in your presentations and decks for your audience

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