Great executives make the C-suite stronger and deliver outstanding performance that wins customers, partners, and shareholders. Take advantage of Corporate Executive Coaching to deliver outstanding performance.

In 2006, the iconic Ford motor company was on the verge of bankruptcy with a $17 billion annual loss. Alan Mulally was brought in as the Chief Executive Offer to try and save the “sinking ship". As if that wasn’t challenging enough, he soon faced the 2008 financial crisis and recession.  Just a few years later, in 2010 Alan turned around Ford with $6.6 billion profit. He did it without taking a bailout from the government. In a company driven by labor unions, his approval rating stayed in the high 90 percent! Alan’s leadership and ability to change culture at Ford helped him orchestrate the most spectacular business turnaround! We offer the exact same executive coaching process that Alan and the senior leaders at Ford went through while turning the company around. Mahesh M. Thakur helps the leader and the companies achieve their strategic goals through leadership coaching.

You worked really hard to land a role as an executive. You do everything in your control to deliver on all your commitments at work. Yet, more than half of the newly hired leaders quit or are fired in less than 3 years.

Most leaders follow their gut and do what has always worked for them in their past. They fail to realize that what got them the new role will no longer be applicable in their current and the next role.

Corporate executives spend very little time to focus on what is most critical – fixing their blind spots. They think emulating their bosses and doing their job will make them successful. And by the time they realize, it is too late in the process.

Mahesh has personally coached leaders from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, NVIDIA, PayPal, eBay, Intel, Citrix, Malware Bytes, and more.

As a certified executive coach, Mahesh has also conducted Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Surveys to get a true assessment for the leaders.

Each program is personalized based on the need of the executives and their organization. Clients work with Mahesh on one or more of the following areas:

  • Advice to improve your team morale and your Employee Satisfaction Scores.
  • Building executive brand and presence by identifying and focusing on your unique style.
  • Receive powerful advice on growth, networking, and career acceleration.
  • Developing a personalized framework that will work for you in complex situations.
  • Delivering growth across numerous business, product, and customer-centric areas.
  • Building a strong bond with your peers, leaders, board, and the C-Suite.
  • Executive assessment and insights to benchmark yourself against 200K executives.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and changing your behaviors that lead to bigger outcomes.



CTO, Austin, TX

Mahesh helped me double down and succeed in the 3 critical areas that we identified. Within a year I was promoted internally from SVP to CTO where I took ownership of the entire engineering org. Mahesh has been instrumental in how I strategize, execute, and deliver big wins every step of the way in my current role


COO, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I became a CXO for the first time in my career. My CHRO saw me doing everything I could to balance my corporate goals and the expectations of leaders on my team. He recommended I connect with Mahesh. After the first Zoom call, I felt like that was the biggest breakthrough moment I had in my career as a C-Level exec. I have now been working with Mahesh for over a year. His ability to provide out-of-box perspectives and guidance on critical issues makes him unique and valuable. That combined with his industry knowledge is an the best someone could ask


Grow Executive Presence

Identify and work on the skills necessary to position yourself for the next C-Suite, VP, or Leadership Role

Improve Team Dynamics

Understand your teams dynamics and set your team up for success while enhancing their morale

Thought Partnership

Brainstorm strategies and ideas with your coach to get fresh out-of-the-box perspectives

Influence with Impact

Learn how to tailor your message in your presentations and decks for your audience

The Mahesh M. Thakur Advantage

Mahesh works directly with a limited number of executives, leaders, and professionals. Your coach is a leader from the tech industry who has been a hiring manager at Amazon, Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel.