Win Your Dream Job by Practicing Mock Interview

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Win Your Dream Job by Practicing Mock Interview

Is it necessary to emphasize the importance of a dream job and how one feels as he gets his? First, you must agree that we earn, yearn and learn to get a dream job. Think about it, you go to a place and spend 8-9 hours daily doing some tasks, and that period of 8-9 hours should better be your dream job, not just checking and fulfilling the KRA (Key Roles & Responsibilities) list.

Whom are we kidding? Competition is fierce, and we all are racing to get something we have always dreamt of. Of course, if you want to top that race, you must excel, but precisely, being good at something comes later than being a part of it and getting introduced to it. The same goes for getting a dream job, and to get one, you must go through the merciless rainforests, dodge away the wilderness, and not get drowned in quicksand. Oh! Just kidding! But you get the drift. First, you must crack the interview process, which is equivalent to crisscrossing the other candidates, scoring in shortlisting examination (if required), and conquering the interviews.

Clearing final interviews can be tough, but your dream job awaits you after this stage. What can help you? Practice mock interviews.

What is a Mock Interview?

It is important to understand a mock interview before you practice it. It is a simulation of a real-world job interview. It involves practicing interview tips, tricks, methods, and answers for the job interview. It helps the applicant to practice for the interview day and get the dream job. Like a real interview, the mock interview is conducted in various ways, such as in-person, via call, or video conferencing applications.

Let’s see how you can utilize the potential of mock interviews and get your dream job.

Select the Right Mock Interviewer

Only the right teacher knows a student’s potential; similarly, the right mock interviewer can analyze the current state and potential of the candidate. Selecting the right mock interviewer is the first step to practicing them efficiently. You must ensure that you are practicing the mock interview with someone who has satisfactory work experience and has conducted the job interviews themselves.

Whomsoever you would choose, ensure that the interviewer is capable enough to provide a realistic job interview simulation.

Professional Setting = Professional Mock Interview

What good could a mock interview provide if the interview setting needs to be more professional? Getting used to the interview setting or environment is the key to cracking it, simply because the interviews are tense and can make you feel nervous. You should face such a situation during the mock interview to perform well during the actual job interview.

Mock Interview

Provide Complete & Correct Information to the Mock Interviewer

It would be best to provide adequate information regarding your background, qualification, and career aspirations to get things to work in your favour. Additionally, to ensure that the mock interview simulates closely to the real job interview, provide the company name, job posting, and resume to your interviewer.

Prepare for Every Type of Interview Question

The real job interview includes questions like the general interview, role, or company-specific questions. To confront such questions with confidence in a real job interview, practice them during the mock interview. Also, research the job role and company profile, as real interviewers often throw questions from this space.

Review Mock Interview Criteria

You can get an idea of the real job interview’s criteria via a job posting. If the job posting or interview invitation details reflect the interview criteria or process, then make sure that your mock interview must contain that.

Dress Formally & Take Notes

Your dress speaks a lot about you; your attire is your first impression of the interview panel. Dress smartly, but more than that, it is important to wear a dress that is more comfortable because the last thing you want is to be distracted by your clothes during the job interview.

As stated above, interviews can be tense, so you must avoid wearing clothes that cause overheating or distracts you from the interview.

When you witness a problem area in your mock interview, please note it to strengthen your answer during the real interview.

Film Your Mock Interview

Sometimes, you do not get the chance to practice the mock interviews multiple times. Hence it is better to film them and review them later. Filming helps to review the tone, posture, habits, and answers and improve them before the real job interview.

Film Your Mock Interview

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