What Does Amazon Look for When Interviewing Candidates?

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What Does Amazon Look for When Interviewing Candidates?

If given a chance, who doesn’t want to work in the world’s most renowned organization with a global footprint. A giant like Amazon offers everything one seeks to fulfil in his/her life, be it career aspirations, financial stability, a luxurious lifestyle, a sense of belongingness, and, top of all, job security.

To secure a job at Amazon, it is advisable and wise to undertake Amazon interview training. Corporations like Amazon follow a rigid process or criteria for hiring talent. Therefore, your chances for securing the job multifolds if you get professional assistance from the one who once was a hiring manager at Amazon.

Before building castles in the air, let’s seek to understand Amazon’s criteria for hiring and interviewing candidates. Without understanding the same, it would get complex for you to crack the interview process.

Like any other large-scale organization, Amazon has some set parameters, qualities, skills, or characteristics to look for in a candidate. Amazon aims to become the world’s most customer-centric organization. It’s the leaders who turn the dreams into reality, and hence companies like Amazon focus on hiring talent, and here’s what they seek-

Best-in-Class Business Leaders

Without leadership skills, you cannot lead and grow at organizations like Amazon. Having such a trait is beneficial for Amazon and candidates. By hiring a leader in their organization, Amazon can be assured of implementing business strategies, managing the workforce, and maximizing the business. In short, such leaders are nothing but a productive assets.

What’s in store for the candidate? Of course, the foremost advantage is career growth. Working with Amazon will offer immense opportunities in terms of career advancement. In addition, if the candidate has the right and applicable skills, there is no bar to financial growth.

To build leadership skills, you need professional Amazon interview coaching.

One Who Aligns With Amazon’s Values

Obviously, you cannot expect to get hired by an organization if you are not aware of the organization’s values. In addition to being aware of the values, they need to resonate with you.

The interviewer must sense that you are the right person for the job which fits their values. Convincing the interviewer takes effort, and Mahesh M. Thakur can help you with that via Amazon interview coaching & job interview assistance.

Amazon is driven by following principles –

  • Customer obsession > Competitor focus
  • Passion for invention
  • Commitment to operational excellence
  • Long-term vision
  • Learning & curiosity
  • Invent & simplify
  • Ownership
  • Focus on learning and curiosity
  • Hiring the best talent
  • Think big
  • Delivering results
  • Earning trust
  • Dive deep
  • Have backbone; disagree and commit

The fourth bullet point emphasizes the importance of following Amazon’s values and getting professional Amazon interview training.


Amazon is quite particular with hiring candidates that can identify problems and discover innovative solutions. Amazon has many business segments, like-

  • Amazon Prime
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • AWS
  • Kindle & Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Fire TV
  • Amazon Echo & Alexa
  • Amazon Studios and much more

You can get the idea of innovation and its importance in daily or strategic operations. For example, Amazon is a highly competitive and fast-paced environment, and innovation gives the company an edge over its competitors. Growing in such an environment would require the candidate to be innovative and solution-driven.

Amazon is known for being an innovative company, and continued innovation can help enhance its reputation as a technology and customer experience leader.

Technical Skills

Technical skills such as coding, programming, and system design are examined closely. In addition, Amazon prefers applicants who can think deeply about problems and apply various solution approaches.

Amazon is a company that is heavily focused on technology and innovation. Therefore, technical skills are essential for a leadership position at Amazon, as the company relies on technology for its operations and products. For technical roles, such as software development, data engineering, machine learning, and cloud computing, having a strong understanding of programming languages and technical tools is crucial.

One Who Delivers Customer Value

Amazon offers customers fast and reliable shipping options, including same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping. This ensures that customers can receive their products quickly and efficiently. There are multiple examples where Amazon keenly focused on delivering customer value.

Delivering exceptional customer value is one of the values of Amazon. Amazon is known for hiring employees with a track record of providing value to customers. Therefore, it is advisable to get reliable Amazon interview coaching for job interviews.

Amazon interview training

Interview Tips from the Amazon Recruiters

What else could be better than getting interview tips from the recruiters themselves? Following are foolproof tips shared by the recruiters at Amazon.

Prepare for Behavioural-based Interview Questions

Amazon’s recruitment interviews are centered on behavioral questions that inquire about previous scenarios or obstacles you’ve faced and how you dealt with them utilizing leadership principles.

Frame your Responses using the STAR Method

STAR refers to Situation, Task, Action, and Result. The STAR method is a comprehensive approach to reply to a behavioral-based interview question by describing the unique scenario, task, action, and result.

Your Answer Should Be Detailed

A detailed answer can impress the recruiter or interviewer. Therefore, provide a detailed analysis of one incident for each question and utilize statistics or metrics to back up your example.

Embrace Failures

It is acceptable to discuss failure. Bring examples demonstrating your knowledge while detailing how you’ve taken chances, succeeded, failed, and developed.

Why Do You Want to Work at Amazon?

Be clear and specific about this question and answer accordingly. Recruiters want to know why you’re interested in working for the company so they can better understand who you are.

Be Impeccable

Connect with Impeccable Interview and get expert Interview advice for a VP of Engineering Career. Mahesh M. Thakur will analyze your credentials and prepare you for your next interview at Amazon. In addition, you will practice the mock interview and receive feedback on how you performed during the interview.

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