Helping High-Tech Workers Bounce Back from Layoffs and Transition to Better Jobs: Impeccable Interview’s Mahesh M. Thakur Guides Leaders and Professionals

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Helping High-Tech Workers Bounce Back from Layoffs and Transition to Better Jobs: Impeccable Interview’s Mahesh M. Thakur Guides Leaders and Professionals

The past year has been incredibly tough for many high-tech workers, with over a quarter million jobs lost in the industry. Being laid off can make even the most accomplished professionals feel worthless and shaken to the core. “When you receive that call saying it’s your last day today and you just need to ship your equipment and badge back, it makes you feel so irrelevant,” shared an employee from a major tech company who was let go.

This is where Mahesh M. Thakur, the empathetic and results-driven Career and Interview Coach at, steps in to help. Mahesh has coached hundreds of high-tech leaders through job transitions, guiding them to come out the other side of layoffs stronger, more resilient, and landing even bigger opportunities.

Mahesh understands the emotional turmoil of a job loss all too well. That’s why, when his clients come to him feeling rusty, demoralized, and struggling to even get interviews, he starts by providing a listening ear and emotional support. He then does a comprehensive assessment of their career, skills, and interview readiness to develop a customized plan to get them back on track. Mahesh’s clients come to him seeking help with nailing interviews at top tech companies, advancing their careers through strategic guidance, managing significant transitions, and landing dream roles at giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and NVIDIA. But most importantly, they’re looking to regain their confidence, self-worth, and relevance after a layoff. Mahesh’s holistic approach empowers his clients on multiple fronts. He elevates their personal brand, refines their resume and LinkedIn presence, and coaches them on powerful networking and communication skills. But he also instills them with resilience, vitality, and a renewed sense of purpose – helping them not just find a new job, but rediscover what truly matters in their professional and personal lives.

The proof is in the results. Mahesh’s clients have gone on to land bigger, better opportunities at the most coveted tech companies, negotiating the compensation packages they deserve. You can see their success stories here after they nailed their job interviews Their families have gone to live a much better quality of life given the decisions they’ve made during and after the program.

If you’re struggling to bounce back from a layoff, or looking for the next big role, don’t go it alone. Partner with and reclaim your worth, your confidence, and your dream career.

The titles of whom we coach include Vice President of Product Management, Vice President of Technology, Vice President, Director of Product Management, Director of Technology, Director, VP of Data , VP of Analytics, Principal Data Scientist, Principal TPM, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, VP Trust and Safety, VP Marketing, Chief Experience Officer, VP of Customer Experience, Director of Customer Experience, and Manager, Software Engineering. and Chief of Staff.

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