From Amazon to Apple: 5 Amazing Tips to Ace Your FAANG Interview!

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From Amazon to Apple: 5 Amazing Tips to Ace Your FAANG Interview!

 Every aspiring tech graduate wants to land their dream job at FAANG. You might be wondering what FAANG means. Don’t worry! You can find all your answers here!

FAANG refers to a term used for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, which are some of the leading tech companies across the globe. A great thing about working for these reputable organisations is that they offer you an attractive salary package and lucrative incentives. Cracking the FAANG Interviewprovides you with a golden opportunity to become a part of a pleasant work culture and the right platform to showcase your leadership skills.   

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If you are a beginner preparing for the FAANG interview, this easy guide is made just for you! Let’s dive deep into these amazing five tips on acing your upcoming FAANG interview:

  1. 1. Perform extensive research on the company and job role.

Irrespective of whether you are doing interview preparation for FAANG companies or any other top-notch tech company, in-depth research is the first important step before starting your journey. So, you need to do a detailed study of the company, the vacant job position, and its hiring process.
Also, you should check out the company’s core products or services, values and work culture, and skills required for the job, among other crucial details. Gaining an in-depth knowledge of all these aspects will make you feel confident to go for the FAANG interview.

2. Look at the FAANG Interview Process

While preparing yourself for a FAANG interview, you should first understand the hiring process that the specific company follows. You can engage in a personal discussion with the human resources manager at the company, as it can be a credible information source. Inquire about the interview rounds and hiring procedure, as well as the HRM’s vital advice on effective ways to prepare for the tech interview.


The following step is to search the corporate website for interview-related materials and advice. You can also read important essential details on the website, such as an interview guide, commonly asked interview questions, and interview-cracking tips.

3. Gain proficiency in key technical skills.  

Grooming your technical skills is an essential determining factor for cracking your tech interview successfully. You should have a firm grip on the key technical skills before going for your FAANG interview.

Some of these technical skills include the following:

Programming Language: You can choose any one or more programming languages like Java or C++ based on your job preferences and understand their core fundamentals.

Data Structures and Algorithms: Proficiency in DSA skills are a not-to-miss thing for acing your FAANG interview.

Study Computer Science Subjects: You should study the main computer science subjects like computer networks and operating systems for your upcoming FAANG interview.

4. Do a consistent practise of programming and coding problems.

Consistent practise is the key to success when it comes to coding problems for the FAANG interview. Enrolling in a leading career advancement programme can give you an upper hand in solving complicated coding problems.


Consistent practise is the key to success when it comes to coding problems for the FAANG interview. Enrolling in a leading career advancement programmecan give you an upper hand in solving complicated coding problems.

You might not get the same challenges in your FAANG interviews as the ones you have practised, but there is still a likelihood of similarity in their nature. Systems design and algorithmic coding are two of the most frequently asked questions by FAANG hiring managers.

5. Attend mock interviews.

Mock interviews are one of the most important techniques for getting selected for your dream job role in FAANG companies. Interviewers usually want to assess your analytical and interpersonal skills along with your coding abilities. You can attend a mock interview to get a better idea of where you stand in your FAANG interview preparation.

 This interview setting has all it takes to draw out your potential to face the interview, thus allowing you to efficiently detect and remedy your flaws. The best aspect of mock interviews is that they will help you realise how well you prepared and where you need to improve.


Nail Your Upcoming FAANG Interview with an Impeccable Interview!

 So, these are some great tips and tricks that you should follow while preparing for a FAANG interview. A position at FAANG is undeniably valuable and prominent. So, you should invest in the best job interview coaching online to ace the FAANG interview.

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