Career Acceleration with Mahesh M. Thakur to New Heights

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Career Acceleration with Mahesh M. Thakur to New Heights

You might know in and out of your career timeline, and you must have planned the process to achieve the same. If you believe that you can play this game solo, it’s great but having the mentorship of an experienced interview coach never harms.

Having the guidance of an interview coach would achieve unexpected results. After all, you don’t want to take your career lightly. Moreover, the fierce state of competition makes things more complex. Therefore, you must sharpen your interview skills to pass through the cut-throat competition.

Having an interview coach is crucial and beneficial. In this article, we shall get to know one of the professional interview coaches. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

About Mr. Mahesh M. Thakur

Let’s introduce you to Mr. Mahesh M. Thakur – an experienced hiring manager for the tech industry with years of formal work experience in renowned organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel. Mahesh believes in shaping careers and puts his best to take careers to higher levels. Mahesh is Fortune 100 Technology Executive and Interview Coach, which tells a lot about him. To validate this statement, the following acknowledgment by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a top-rated executive leadership coach & New York Times Bestselling Author, seems enough.

“Mahesh M. Thakur coaches the world’s most talented and successful executives.”

Mahesh M. Thakur has more than 20 years of experience working in the world’s leading tech sectors. Working with corporate titans like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Brad Smith, Mahesh gained knowledge, developed professionally, and solidified his reputation as the finest manager interview coach.

Suppose you still need to be convinced about the credibility of Mahesh M. Thakur. Then, it would be best if you went through his resume. Following are some of the highlights of Mahesh’s resume.

  • CEO in Residence, Madrona Venture Labs
  • Vice President of Product Management, GoDaddy
  • Limited Partner, Stage 2 Capital
  • Head of Product Management & Business Operations, Telenav
  • Head of Product & Global Operations, Intuit
  • CEO & Chief Product Officer, PhotoWeaver
  • Sr. Manager – Product Management, Amazon
  • Product Management Lead, Microsoft (BING Advertising)
  • Product Manager, Microsoft (BING Commerce Search)
  • Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation

Hopefully, you are now aware of Mahesh M. Thakur’s professional work experience. Throughout his varied career, Mahesh concluded that you could not develop the abilities and techniques required to reach your full leadership potential without reprogramming your professional attitude and eliminating the limiting personal programming that has been holding you back.

Career Growth Coaching by Mahesh M. Thakur

A good career is one of the fundamental needs that push a human to learn and grow, and professional career growth coaching is like the icing on the cake.

Do you feel like your career could be better, or do you need help getting calls for interviews? Mahesh provides networking strategies, crucial assignments, professional branding, resume reviews, and career guidance.

Mahesh reviews your background and advises forming a career strategy for a seamless process. Mahesh, an experienced manager interview coachworks with you to practice mock interviews and advises you on base, bonuses, RSUs, and more. Get suggestions on how to make your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out and get calls from FAANG companies.

Features of the Career Growth Coaching Program

Let’s see what a career growth coaching program has in store for you to offer. Following are the features of the program, crafted precisely by Mahesh M. Thakur-

  • To advance your career, get individualized guidance on career strategy and advancement.
  • Gain from knowing strategies and tactics for overcoming obstacles in your career and at work.
  • Work on a few assignments and get feedback to push yourself and improve in key areas.
  • Mahesh will run through a mock interview with you, and you’ll get feedback on how you did.
  • Learn how to choose a role and a profession that are in line with your true north.
  • You’ll learn how to approach your target companies with the appropriate offer at the appropriate level.
  • Advice on resume and LinkedIn branding to get the attention of recruiting managers at FAANG firms.
  • Discuss and acquire a variety of viewpoints on subjects that will make you stand out.

Why Should You Get Career Growth Coaching from Mahesh M. Thakur?

Mahesh M. Thakur has worked in the tech industry for the past 20 years with well-known organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel. Now let’s see how career growth coaching can be beneficial for you-

Grow to the Executive Level

Choose the abilities you need to position yourself for the upcoming C-Suite, VP, or Leadership Role, and concentrate on developing them.

Enhance Team Dynamics

Recognize the dynamics of your team, position them for success, and boost morale.

Conceptual & Thoughtful Partnership with Mahesh

Discuss techniques and ideas with your experienced interview coach to develop new, unusual viewpoints.

Learn How to Leave an Impact

Learn how to customize your message for your audience in the presentations and decks.

Client Testimonials

Here are some of the real human stories about how career growth coaching by Mahesh M. Thakur helped them to step up their career ladder.

Shikha Jain, Advanced Analytics Leader at Apple

With focus, confidence, and accountability, Shikha Jain was able to crack the code to enter into data analytics at Apple. Working with Mahesh has helped her grow to become a Data Analysis Leader at Apple.

Eric Berseth, Principal Engineer Autonomous Vehicles, Velodyne

Eric found the extra push to communicate effectively and achieve professional goals while working with Mahesh. In no time, Eric came to learn effective communication and got to work as a principal engineer.

Bidding Adieu!

Mahesh is more than simply a mentor and a professional coach manager interview; he is also a business owner, investor, limited partner, and board adviser for several enterprises.

Additionally, he has collaborated with countless executives and leaders from some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 organizations and ground-breaking unicorn start-ups in the globe.

Working with Mahesh to incorporate new tactics, abilities, and techniques into their professional thinking has helped more than 85% of his clients obtain their dream jobs or accomplish their professional goals. Connect with Mahesh M. Thakur and skyrocket your career to the next level.

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