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Every job seeker wants to land a dream job in a leading tech company. FAANG is a term that refers to the five key players in the tech industry, which include: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. These FAANG companies are looking for a candidate with a creative bent of mind and excellent analytical skills. A big reason for the increasing popularity of FAANG companies is their productive work culture, attractive salary, and remarkable career growth.

The rising competition has made it more challenging to crack a FAANG interview successfully. But don’t worry! FAANG interview coaching can help you to follow a strong preparation strategy and groom your skills to nail the upcoming FAANG interview in 2023.

So, set yourself apart from the competition and maximize your potential with Mahesh M. Thakur, an experienced job interview coach who provides valuable career advice and powerful tools and strategies to crack the FAANG interview. Mahesh M. Thakur at Impeccable Interview understands your key challenges and helps recode your professional mindset.

So, let’s dive into FAANG interview coaching and some practical strategies that can help you gain a competitive edge for cracking FAANG interview in 2023:

1. Research the Company and Job Role

The first important step that can help you prepare for the upcoming FAANG interview is doing in-depth research about the company and the job role for which you are applying and learning about their interview process. So, you should be familiar with the company’s core products or services, its work environment, and the job-related skills they want a candidate to possess. Gaining detailed knowledge about all these aspects will put you at ease during the interview preparation and makes you more confident to face the FAANG interviewer.

2. Improve Your Tech Skills

A Google interview coaching can equip you with the most relevant technical skills and knowledge that will increase your chances of success in the FAANG interview in 2023. So, it would be best if you were well-prepared to answer the common technical questions that the hiring manager might ask you, which include:

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Programming Language

You should gain in-depth knowledge about the programming concepts to face your FAANG interview confidently. Tech companies usually ask interview questions related to programming languages to test your understanding of the basic concepts. So, you can select any appropriate programming language, such as Java or C++, based on your preferences and gain proficiency in it.

Data Structures & Algorithms

FAANG interviewer can ask you typical questions about data structures and algorithms. So, you should learn the basic data structures like Arrays and Strings and advanced structures like Graph and Tree.

System Design

If you want to crack a VP engineering interview or a FAANG interview in 2023, possessing the most relevant skills for the job, like designing a system, is crucial. For instance, the FAANG interviewer might want you to develop an effective system design and check your ability to implement it.

3. Solve Programming Problems

You should consistently practice and solve various programming problems to improve your programming abilities. This exercise makes it easier for you to become accustomed to the programming challenges usually tested throughout the interview rounds and improves your ability to handle them. So, undoubtedly, solving programming issues is the key to mastering data structures and algorithms.

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4. Get Ready to Answer the Questions Related to Your Technical Projects

If you are bucking up for a much-awaited FAANG interview, the biggest blunder you should avoid is forgetting to prepare for the interview questions related to the technical projects you’ve highlighted in your resume.

You can enroll for a top-notch FAANG interview coaching to prepare for some common project-based questions, such as how you handled difficulties that emerged during the project, the tools you utilized for the project, the approach you followed for project management, and much more. The FAANG interviewer can use these questions to evaluate your technical competence and other non-technical expertise.

5. Practice Mock Interviews

The primary aim of taking a mock interview is to evaluate your performance, receive feedback, identify problem areas, and track your progress. You should thus participate in several mock interviews.You can attend a mock interview with technical professionals with experience conducting a FAANG job interview.

You can practice the following with mock interviews:

1. Describe the approach that you follow to solve a particular problem.

2. Describe algorithmic reasoning.

3. How to present your code, program, or solution.

In a mock interview, the ideal conditions will bring out your natural inclinations, enabling you to recognize and successfully fix your errors. The great thing about mock interviews is that they will help you determine whether you are well-prepared to face the interviewer and the areas for improvement.

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