Mahesh M. Thakur, GoDaddy VP of Product on Customer Obsession & Why It's Essential

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Mahesh M. Thakur is Vice President of Product at GoDaddy. He is also co-founder and former CEO of PhotoWeaver with over 20 years of experience working at Microsoft, Amazon, and Intuit, He is a member of the MG 100 coaches family and has hired, coached, and transformed product and engineering leaders at some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

He is a visionary leader who loves building products and companies that are mission driven and take a customer-first approach.

Mahesh’s LinkedIn Profile

Visit to learn more about Mahesh and how he can help you accelerate your career as a leader in technology. You can download his 6-step approach to achieving growth and success here.


  • What Mahesh learned from becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 11.
  • The inspiring and harrowing story of his grandparents' experience as a refugees in 1947.
  • The three guiding life principles his grandparents passed down that still influence his leadership today.
  • The impact of the India Partition.
  • How your career decisions today can impact future generations.
  • Mahesh’s passion for working with small businesses, while working for several large companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, and GoDaddy.
  • A powerful yet simple strategy to teach your employees customer empathy.
  • Why he encourages all employees at GoDaddy to use their products.
  • Advice for employees who are from underrepresented groups in the C-Suite and are on a mission to get there.
  • How GoDaddy supports diversity, and how it contributes to their success.
  • The one trait he wishes he could instill in every employee… “Customer Obsession”.
  • What is it about Intuit CEO, Brad Smith, that makes him Mahesh's biggest inspiration?
  • The unexpected twist in his career during the Tech Meltdown in the 90’s, and how it led to his success down the road.
  • How CEO’s can maximize their impact.
  • What Mahesh learned on Bill Gates’ last day at  Microsoft.


How can CEOs maximize their impact:

  • Do an excellent job putting their message together.
  • Inspire and impact people with that message.


When you're a small business owner… “I don’t have the time to say 'I don’t know', I just have the time to say 'how much does it cost to go from A to B?'.”

“There’s no correlation between busyness and success. The only correlation is with learning.” “Believe in continuous learning.”


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