Mahesh M. Thakur

Fortune 100 Technology Executive and Interview Coach

"Mahesh M. Thakur coaches the world's most

talented and successful executives."

-Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, top-rated executive leadership coach & New York Times bestselling author

For more than 20 years, Mahesh M. Thakur has worked in the top tech industries in the world. Working under global business icons like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Brad Smith, Mahesh learned firsthand how difficult it is to shine in a room full of stars.

His professional resume reads like a Who's Who of industry giants working in management, product, and technology:

  • CEO in Residence, Madrona Venture Labs
  • Vice President of Product Management, GoDaddy
  • Limited Partner, Stage 2 Capital
  • Head of Product Management & Business Operations, Telenav
  • Head of Product & Global Operations, Intuit
  • CEO & Chief Product Officer, PhotoWeaver
  • Sr. Manager – Product Management, Amazon
  • Product Management Lead, Microsoft (BING Advertising)
  • Product Manager, Microsoft (BING Commerce Search)
  • Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation

Throughout his diverse career, Mahesh realized that only by recoding your professional mindset and purging the negative personal programming holding you back will you learn the skills and strategies necessary to improve your full leadership potential.

More than just a leadership coach and mentor, Mahesh is an entrepreneur, investor, limited partner and board advisor for a number of startups. He’s also worked with hundreds of leaders and executives in the world's most prestigious Fortune 500 companies and innovative unicorn startups. More than 85% of his clients have landed their dream jobs or achieved their professional goals by working with Mahesh to integrate new strategies, skills, and techniques into their professional mindset.

His education, leadership and coaching experiences include:

  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching – Marshall Goldsmith
  • Board of Directors' Consortium – Stanford University Graduate School of Business
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics – University of Mumbai


Nivedita Ojha

VP of Platform & Data, Autodesk

“Mahesh gave me the tools to nail every opportunity for growth and impact. He has coached me to be a more effective storyteller, perform at the next level, and land my dream job.”

Sudha Thota

Director of Product Strategy, Microsoft

“He is very insightful, quick to see the blind spots, and accelerates growth through his coaching. Mahesh helped me transform to achieve both personal and professional growth."

Shirish Tatikonda

Director of Artificial Intelligence Target

“Mahesh is an accomplished leader in the tech industry and was, therefore, able to help me see things from the perspective of the C-Suite."

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Work with Mahesh and uncover the challenges holding you back. By upgrading your approach and learning the skills, strategies, and techniques you need to succeed in your industry, you'll gain the confidence to recode your professional mindset and realize your full leadership potential.


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